#ELC2016: APTA Education Conference – Keynote Review

The 2016 Education Leadership Conference, hosted by the Education Section of the APTA & ACAPT, got underway in Phoenix, AZ this am (You can follow on Twitter with #ELC2016).  Over 800 attendees from across the country participated in this event.


The talks started with the 3rd annual forum on innovation in physical therapy. The theme was: Formation of a Doctoring Profession: Are We Shying Away from Education that Really Matters in the Lives of our Graduates.

This started with a keynote addresses given by Dr. Emma Stokes (Trinity College/Dublin, Ireland), President of WCPT, and was titled “Walk with the dreamers“.

Here are some highlights from her talk:

  • She began by acknowledging influencers who included: Justin Moore, Chad Cook, etc.
  • From whence we came…
    • Dr. Jules Rothstein in 1998, “Move to post-baccalaureate education…based on moral authority derived from education need and the expectation that a profession serves society before itself.  Need to prepare PTs to exemplify the highest standards of health care, use evidence, skillfully apply techniques, etc….
    • Vision 2020 then came along.  Physical therapy would be provided by doctors of PT who consumers would have direct access.
  • Success – what does it look like, feel like?
    • Scott Hasson editorial – DPT will result in autonomous practice and self-referral
    • Hypothesized core of curriculum based upon evidence based practice, autonomous practice and professionalism
    • Wondered if there would be an international impact…
    • We now have a DPT, direct access in 50 states, but do we have DPT curriculum balance? She doesn’t think so…(there is stuff we aren’t focusing on that should be focused on)
    • It has not had an international impact  — the baccalaureate is the most common PT degree  (Taiwan, Pakistan and Iran are the other countries that have converted to DPT programs).  Conversation is happening in Canada and Australia.
    • Scope of practice in United Kingdom is largest scope of PT practice internationally
      • Autonomous
      • Self-Referral
      • Imaging
      • Injections
      • Prescribing Medications
      • Whole care pathways run by PTs
  • Does the DPT support leadership to respond to, shape and serve future heath needs of society?
    • Henry Ford, “If Id asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”
  • The APTA is taking the lead in determining our future
    • Transformation built upon 8 guided principles: identity, quality, collaboration, value, innovation, consumer centricity, access-equity, advocacy
  • Are we shying away from education that really matters? YES
    • What does the next generation of leaders need?
      • Are we striving for the “marvelous”
      • Its only by making mistakes, talking to loud, dancing too hard that we push the boundaries.  Do we include a space for the marvelous, as we do “the matter-of-fact”.  We need to embrace leadership and advocacy in a much better way.
      • Physiotherapists are “quietly competent”—the deputy minister for health in Canada
        • If you think of the word “transformative” do you associate it with physical therapy? No…
        • We have the capacity but our responsibility is to instill this spirit in our graduates and future leaders


  • We are shying away from all of this because we don’t talk about “how do we create advocates” or give tools to our future leaders
    • In CAPTE document, the word “leadership” is featured 4 times and 3 of those it is associated with “faculty”.   Maybe we are too focused on other things…
  • We are currently learning to know, not learning on how to exist/be as a profession/professional.  This is an issue.  We need to create leaders.
  • Physiotherapy needs to be like “Pippy Longstocking”—-Responsible, Courageous and Imaginative”  — This should be highlight of curriculum.

  • “Walk on Air Against Your Better Judgement” 

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