PTA Leadership Academy

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Course Description:

Effective leadership skills are essential to success of physical therapist assistants (PTAs). Every day, PTAs need the skills necessary to guide others in decision making, resolve conflicts, and build strong networks. These leadership skills develop through understanding yourself and others. In this academy, you gain insight into your behavioral tendencies and human interactions, enabling you to have a deeper understanding of yourself and how to lead others. The distinguishing characteristic of this program is the structure. To achieve the deepest levels of learning, we combine assessment tools and individual coaching in a self-directed learning program. This structure not only makes learning interesting and fun, but it fosters real world application.

General Objectives:

1. Determine how your DISC behavioral tendencies and motivators impact your actions

2. Incorporate DISC behavioral tendencies into leadership and team building.

3. Capitalize on your DISC profile during communication

4. Identify how you uniquely lead through change, conflict, and accountability

5. Design your personal leadership strategic plan

6. Develop effective leadership skills for remote leadership

Highlights of the academy:

1. Talent insight assessment for each participant

2. Toolbox of leadership skills you can apply right away

3. Three coaching sessions

· The sessions help the participant understand their unique leadership style and develop their personalized leadership plan

4. Six session focus

· Human engagement – understand your unique style and motivators

· How we lead – understanding your leadership style

· Remote leadership strategies

· Leading complex change through accountability

· Conflict and complaint resolution

· Building your personal leadership strategy


The cohort design runs over a 6-month time frame giving you time to engage with the material, others in the course and facilitate growth through coaching

Pre-recorded online sessions

· Six in-depth learning modules including video content and workbook

Live online sessions

· Three individual coaching sessions (30 minutes each)

· Weekly Live Leadership Learning Lunch Calls

o Monthly topic focus

o Each of these session review articles and books related to the specific topic area

o Discussion topics include a variety of leadership

§ For example: emotional intelligence, motivational interviewing, time management, and resilience

Additional Program Content and Engagement

· Talent insight assessment for each attendee

· Personal strategic leadership plan

· Community page for networking and course discussion with other participants

· Resources for additional readings and insights

Module Objectives:

1: Human Engagement

· Discuss how DISC behavioral styles influences communication

· Demonstrate the ability to modify communication based on an individual’s behavioral style

· Articulate key motivators (driving forces) and how they influence our communication

2: How we Lead

· Understand the role of adaptive DISC styles in the work environment

· Demonstrate ways in which each style uniquely leads

· Integrate DISC and Driving Forces into leadership

3: Customer Service

· Understand the steps in quality customer service

· Determine the customer avatar to truly understand customers

· Connect motivational interviewing to customer service

4: Leading through Complex Change

· Articulate five key change strategies

· Integrate the process of change into leading others

· Incorporate communication and motivational strategies into change leadership

5: Conflict Resolution and Complaint Management

· Recognize the types, sources, and effects of conflict

· Articulate different approaches to conflict resolution by behavioral styles

· Discuss different methods to approach conflict resolution

· Articulate the impact of complaints

· Integrate the steps of complaint management

· Discuss strategies of interaction with complaining customers

6: Developing your strategic leadership plan

· Articulate why the strategic planning model is useful for leadership development

· Describe the process of strategic plan

· Develop a strategic plan for your leadership de


PTA Leadership Academy